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We pride ourselves on the engaging and memorable style of our e-learning modules, which makes them so effective. They are delivered through interactive animations and simple content, meaning practical information is presented in a stimulating way.

Meet Rufex – our main animated character, who aims to captivate the audience at any level, within the first 2 slides of any module.

Rufex and our animated team ensure that topics which some trainees may perceive as tedious and dull, are delivered in a surprisingly appealing and compelling way.

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BeOnline &Learn Overview

Our relevant and accurate content is thought-provoking and easy–to-remember. It quickly develops understanding of safety issues, and stimulates and promotes awareness of your safety systems.

Our courses are:

  • SCORM compliant
  • User-friendly and engaging
  • Available through any browser and mobile compatible
  • Flexible and fully customisable
  • Adaptable to include alternative images, graphics or integrated videos
  • All ‘ready to go’ modules can be tailored at no additional cost

Our SCORM compliant LMS is a powerful and easy to use system, designed to be configured to meet clients’ specific needs. It is a multi-tier solution with management access at different user levels, which can be customised to your own organisational structure and geographic locations. A fully scalable, robust and secure SaaS solution.

Following initial roll out, we encourage clients to review and refresh their customised material and do not make additional charges for processing updates to the content.

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Customisation and Branding

BeOnline &Learn can be entirely tailored to your needs.

  • Content: Our ready-to-go modules can be customised to include your own unique content, reflecting your own policies and processes.
  • Structure: Configured to reflect your organisation’s workflows and reporting structure, with bespoke email and alerts as desired.
  • Design: Your brand colours will be applied to all menus, navigation bars and icons throughout the system and your logo will appear on all pages.
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