DSE Workstation Training and Self-Assessment

Health and Safety Modules

The DSE Workstation Training and Self-Assessment package provides users with guidance about how to correctly set up their workstation and equipment. It can be applied to most workstations.

The module covers:

  • overview of DSE (display screen equipment) legislation and best practice
  • risk and health hazards associated with the use of display screen equipment
  • how to correctly set up a workstation environment
  • guidance on using standard equipment as well as on specific working environments including desk haring/ hot desking, home working and AGILE environments
  • practical examples and interactive learning activities

Users will also be able to automatically tailor content to include use of specialist equipment and portable devices.  

At the end of the learning module and on completion of the competency test, users will be seamlessly taken to the Workstation Self-Assessment, an interactive and intuitive section of the training package specifically designed to empower users with the ability to adjust and report any issues encountered during the process.

An automated follow up referral process, customisable to client’s requirements and existing resources, allows management to assist any user who requires specific help and further assistance.
A certificate will be made available for download immediately on successful completion of the training.
The training should take on average between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the user ability to absorb content.   Users can move at their own pace through all sections and resume automatically where they last left off if needed.

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