Stress & Resilience Training

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The Stress & Resilience Training Module is a highly interactive and informative module to help users understand the difference between stress and pressure whilst exploring the ways in which stress can have an impact on day-to- day life.

Throughout the course learners will explore various types of stress, as well as look at the causes of

stress and factors that can increase stress levels.  The course will provide practical ways to manage stress and how to reduce it.

Users will learn about resilience and how it can be effectively used to improve well-being.

This module covers

  1. The definition of pressure, stress, work related stress and resilience
  2. How to identify the symptoms of stress are and the ways in which they can manifest, both in personal life and at work
  3. Understand what is work related stress and identify resources available in the workplace to help
  4. Understand how to further build resilience and the importance of tapping into own and work resources to support wellbeing

A certificate will be made available for download immediately on successful completion of the training.
The training should take on average between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the user ability to absorb content.   Users can move at their own pace through all sections and resume automatically where they last left off if needed.

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