BeOnline &Report

Our incident reporting and management system is a powerful tool to manage, control, review, escalate and analyse incidents across all layers of your organisation.

It is designed to be easily accessible for all staff, at all levels – not just expert management, and is fully adaptable to your organisational structure and geographic locations.

A fully scalable, robust and secure SaaS solution.

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BeOnline &Report Overview

The system provides:

  • A user-friendly way to manage investigations, review cases, and to record and evaluate corrective action.
  • A record of reports, incident photos and other documents as required.
  • Powerful reporting- with interactive graphs, export data tables and a suite of 25 reports.
  • The ability to identify accident trends, occurrences and measure performance against corrective action.
  • Automatic monitoring – Bespoke email alerts for escalations, investigation assignment and risk assessment triggers (seamless link to BeOnline &Assess).
  • Automatic RIDDOR submission or occurrence notification.
  • 'Quick Submit' feature for visitors or members of the public.
  • A proven way to increase reporting of near misses, ill health and under-reported incidents to HSE standards and RIDDOR reporting.
  • Free, unlimited ongoing training and support.
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Customisation and Branding

BeOnline &Report can be entirely tailored to your needs.

  • Content: Create new and bespoke assessments, in addition to the library of templates.
  • Structure: Configured to reflect your organisation’s workflows and reporting structure, with bespoke emails, alerts, escalation, investigation and follow-up.
  • Design: Your brand colours will be applied to all menus, navigation bars and icons throughout the system and your logo will appear on all pages.
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